"Every induvidual is responsible for his own Destiny."

Mr. Nasim Nizar Mazumder initiated the foundation of Ontogenesys Automation in 2013 with an aim to diminish the skill gap between Industry and Academia.

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Available services

Coaching for Competitive Exams 

We provide coaching for competitive exams like APDCL, APSC, SSC JE, JLEE, RRB and other Govt./PSU exams for EE/ME/INS/ECE. 

Industrial Skill Training

We provide skill training for ME/EE/INS/ECE engineers and make them ready for better jobs in Power, Paper, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Automation, FMCG etc. 

Engineering Consultancy

We provide engineering consultancy services for Thermal Power Plants, Automation and Instrumentation.

School Curriculum

We provide academic coaching and special concentration improvement program for school students from class 7 to 10.

WHY Ontogenesys

We are committed to nurturing a generation of skilled professionals

Our Mission

To diminish the gap between academic curriculum & industrial battle field by providing utile practical training.

Our Vision

To provide all kinds of world class professional training facilities under single roof.


Started as a cause has now reached milestones

Ontogenesys is achieving success every day. What started as a cause has now reached milestones. Nasim Nizar Mazumder, B.E in Instrumentation from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati and a Power Plant Engineer by profession is a technocrat and a philanthropist who got to this position because of his sheer hard work, dedication, sacrifice and efforts. At the early days, while working as GET at DLF Power Ltd, he realized the need and necessity of Skill Training for engineers in India. 90% of technical graduates in India are unemployable. The academic curriculum is somehow failed to provide the requisite skill needed to become job ready. Industries do not want to spend much on fresher and thus reluctant to hire fresh engineers.

Belonging to a lower-middle-class family, he had always known what jobs after passing engineering meant to people like him. Gathering huge technical knowledge and skill during his walk through his professional journey in various power plants and analyzing the need for an hour, Nasim Nizar Mazumder came up with 'Ontogenesys Automation' where students can achieve requisite knowledge and skill and become job ready. 'Onto' means 'One' 'Genesis' means 'Process of development' and 'Automation' means 'Automatic'; to make this sounding technical he replaced the 'i' in 'Genesis' with 'y' and it became 'ONTOGENESYS AUTOMATION'. Now, Ontogenesys Automation is a symbol of 'Excellence and Skill' in industries. 

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